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To define the name-word "Egypt" and how did the name came about ?. The word name "Egypt" was comb from the Greek word "Aigypto", English version is "Egypt". The Greek word "Aigypto" meaning is "Black", which was given to the "BLACK SILT" of the River Nile's Delta land's Geographical territories, a black silt which was produced from the inundation of the Nai-ye river (Nile river) after it receded. The Greek later imposed and applied the word Egypt (Aigypto) to Nubia's Lower-Sudan Nation territories.

Since the period when the Greek word "Aigypto"/"Egypt" did not existed and was not familiar to the Nubian-Human ear and tongue, the vast-population of the original occupants of the then north-east Nubia, now north-east Africa were authentically by nature of the Nubians Race ; of a Dark skin Human Race, who identifies themselves by their Nationalities and by the names of their ancestor as part of their names.

The then Lower-Sudan delta serves as the world agriculture center of livestock and farming, ect. and one of nature's gift from the Nubians and their Nai-rivers (river Nile) was its origin of all calendars, due to her natural inundation and receding chronology behavior, which also introduced crops planting and harvesting that led to calendar new-years and yearly festivals. 

Prior to the Greeks and the Greek word "Aigypto/Egypt", there has never been or known of the formed alien word "Pharaoh, Paroh, Pharoah" attached to their Kings, Queens or Divinities, nor any of their ordinary cities or any of their sacred named of their Divinity cities named as "Egypt" and certainly, no known Divinity within the pre-Egyptians (The Nubians) sacred doctrines known attached nor affiliated with the Greek name word "Aigypto" or of the English version "Egypt".

NYANSA ; Nya-n-sa (NYA-SA) of Lake-Nyansa : Is the parent and origin of the Nai-ye rivers (Nile-rivers), whose birth to Human Origin and Civilization Transition from her surrounded north-east Nubians delivered an Integrity of Philosophies ; The Origin of Theology, Origin of Philology and Origin of Monotheism. The umbilical cord of the "Nai-rivers" (river Nile) that runs from the Lake Nyansa womb is surrounded by pre-Egyptian Nubian Nations of Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya (Kanya). The Nai rivers run from Nyansa lake approx. 4,000 miles into the Mediterranean sea.

To the Nubians, the Nyan-Sa of "Nya-n" = Godly and "Sa" = Spirit; as "Si-Sa" = Sitting Lake of embedded spirits.  As an honor, the lake was addressed to Osa/Osei/Mensa/Kwei and Nai, within their Theology of Monotheism of Human Civilization Creation linage of third born names as the supreme Spiritual-Judges and in Greek as Osiris. The Nyansa-Lake and the Nai-rivers representing as a Living or a moving live-Shrine to the Pre-Egyptians (NUBIANS) who believed the Nyansa-lake has a lot to do with the Global Seas ; Nsu/Nsho who is the Daughter of the Divinity "Hu-Nu" (The Shining Waters, The Sun), since the Nyansa-waters gushed up from the underground "Nu", the Ocean/Waters.

The Pre-Egyptians were the Nubians of the then Nubian Plains, now north-east Africa, include the then Nu-media of the now Algeria and Morocco. The adjective word 'Media' is applied-attached to the Divinity name "NU". The word "Media" meaning 'Middle' is derived from the Latin word Medius, = half-way or center/central, when join as NuMedia, it becomes the meaning ; "Central of Nubia", which is the area now known as Algeria and Morocco territories ; An area occupied by Nubians before influences of the Latin, Persians, Romans, Turkish, Greeks, Hyksos, ect.

AFRICA ; - A typical name of a Roman General, full name : Publius Cornelius Scipio Aemilianus Africanus-Minor of the Romans, (185 to 129 B.C.) was the adopted grand-son of Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus (senior), who was a Roman Major (237 to 183 B.C.).   When Hannibal of  Carthage ( 247 to 183 B.C. ) crossed the Alps of Europe and invaded the Romans, in retaliation, Scipio Aemilianus  Africanus-Minor of the Romans invaded and destroyed Hannibal's Carthage in 146 B.C., 37-years after Hannibal's death. General Africanus then named Carthage state after his last name; "Africa", feminine of "Africanus".  

Carthage ;- A city state once located in the present Tunisia territory became a Roman province with the name "Africa", and later that name was applied to the entire Nubian continent by the Romans as "Africa". Since Dawn the Divinity "Nu", and counter part's "La" (Ra), "Kpa" (Khepera) & "Te" (Temeru) demonstrated their birthrights as Nubians. Part of Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco was known as "Nu-media" meaning (Central Nubia) as well as North-East Africa and East Africa was called Nubian Plains.

 In the Ghana's Ga-Dangmes, they address to themselves as "Nu-Bi" meaning child of "Nu", literally meaning as "Man's child", they also address to water as "Nu" connotation of "Nyu" (water). Prior to 15,000 to 12,000 years BCE. all divinities attributes to the historically known "NU", "LA" (RA), "KPA" (KHEPERA) & "TE" (TEM or TEMERU), all the four iconic divinities unifies as ONE-PRIME DIVINITY now known as "GOD". 

Just as the name "Africa" was first imposed upon the Katagenians ( Carthaginians ) in an area once part of the now known Tunisia by the Romans, so does the Greek imposed the name (Aigypto) "Egypt" to the Sudan Nation's lower-Sudan territories, the now known as Egypt.






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